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CURRENT 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
CURRENT 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Liberal Studies Program Requirements

The Liberal Studies component includes a total of forty-two semester hours, distributed as listed below.

The Core (21 hours)

C2. Mathematics (3 hours)

Satisfied if student passes any MATH course 101 or higher (except for MATH 190-199, MATH 301, MATH 400, and MATH 471).

C3. Oral Communication (3 hours)

C5. Physical and Biological Sciences (6 hours)

Courses must be taken in two different disciplines

Other 100-200 level science courses from AST, BIOL, CHEM, ENVH, GEOL, NRM, and PHYS (with the exceptions of ENVH 200, ENVH 210, NRM 213, NRM 240, and courses numbered from 190-199) meet this requirement.

The First-Year Seminar (3 hours)

  1. Students transferring in 0-15 credit hours are required to take this course in their first year.
  2. Students with 15.1 - 29.9 transfer credit hours are eligible to take a First-Year Seminar, but it is not required. The First Year Seminar is waived and the student does not have to make up the hours in the Liberal Studies program, but will still need to graduate with the same number of hours required by the program of the major.
  3. Students with 30 or more transfer credit hours are not eligible to take First-Year Seminar.
  4. Grading for the First-Year Seminar is A, B, C, or U (Unsatisfactory).
  5. If a student receives a “U” grade in the First Year Seminar, he/she must make up the hours by taking another course in the Liberal Studies program.
  6. Transition courses such as LEAD, COUN, USI 101 and 130 are not considered First-Year Seminars.

The Perspectives (18 hours)

P1. Social Sciences (6 hours)

Courses must be taken in two different disciplines.

P2. Category Has Changed to Core 5 (Physical & Biological Sciences)

P3. History (3 hours)

P4. Humanities (3 hours)

P6. World Cultures (3 hours)

Satisfied if student passes Modern Foreign Language (MFL) (101, 102, 110, 231, 232, 240, or 301) Only three credit hours earned in MFL apply to P6 category.


*One upper-level course is required in any perspective category outside the discipline (prefix) of the student’s major.  Students should not enroll in courses numbered above their class rank without permission of the department offering the course.


Courses used to meet Liberal Studies requirements may be used simultaneously to meet other requirements, including requirements in the major. Be reminded the Upper Level Perspective (ULP) requirement must be met by an approved ULP Liberal Studies course and be outside the discipline of the student’s major.