CURRENT 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2019  
CURRENT 2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

History, BS

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Total number of hours for program: 120.

The history degree trains students to connect their personal and local history to regional, national, and global histories.  It combines significant academic training in analysis, written and oral communication, and critical thinking with internship opportunities in the public-school classroom, public history institutions, and government, academic, non-profit, spiritual, and corporate institutions.  Students completing this degree leave with skills and experiences help them become contributing members of society and of a global economy.

Note: Students who elect to pursue the BS as part of the double licensure program in Social Sciences Education (BSED) could exceed 128 credit hours.

Liberal Studies (42 hours)

Liberal Studies Program Requirements  

Major Requirements (3 hours)

Math Requirement (3 hours)

Survey Credits (9 hours)

Students will take three hours from each of the following areas: U.S. History, European History, and ALAMEA (African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Asian history).

Methods Credits (6 hours)

Students will take six hours of methods courses:

Upper Division Electives (18 hours)

18 hours of 300/400 level electives to include three hours in United States History, three hours in European History, three hours in ALAMEA History. Students must take three hours at the 400 level (in addition to the Capstone Hours listed in the Methods Credits section above).

Note: For dual-degree students seeking a BS in History and a BSED in Social Science Education, HIST 395 will be double counted as an upper-level division elective course in the history major. It is a requirement in the BSED program in Social Science Education.

Additional Requirements

To complete the program, a total of 42 hours is required, including a minor, or second major, or other approved program and general electives. To meet one of the general university degree requirements, at least 30 hours of the courses taken at WCU must be at the junior-senior level. Students should consult their advisors during the term before their senior year to create a plan for their Capstone Course. Visit the department’s website at to view the eight-semester curriculum guide.

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