ARCHIVED 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 16, 2019  
ARCHIVED 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Stage & Screen, B.A.

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Total number of hours for the program: 120.

Stage & Screen major requires 57 hours as follows(Foundation Core, Skills Core, Production, MFL, Elective) and a 2.5 GPA and must audition or have a review of portfolio for acceptance to the program.

Liberal Studies Hours: 42

Liberal Studies Program Requirements 

Foundations Core: (21 hours)

Production Credits (3 hours):

Must take both production classes below and repeat one of your choice.


3 hours + 6 hours of Modern Foreign Language (any level)

NOTE:  Strongly recommend Internship, Dance, or Directing.

Additional Requirements

21 hours in Design/Tech concentration, General concentration, minor, second major or approved program.  A total of 120 hours is required for this major, at least 30 hours taken at WCU must be at the junior-senior level to meet one of the general university degree requirements.

Visit the department’s website at to view the 8 semester curriculum guide.

Theatre Concentration: Design/Tech (21 hours)

12 hours must be at junior-senior level.

Stage & Screen Concentration General

Requires 21 hours from the following (12 hours at the junior-senior level):

Note: Intended for students interested in a variety of fields including: stage management, directing, producing, screenwriting, etc.


Theatre Handbook: All Students are required to read and adhere to the School’s Theatre Handbook.

Motion Pictures Handbook: All students are required to read and adhere to the School’s Motion Pictures Handbook.

Probation and Dismissal:


  1. If your overall GPA is below 2.5, you will be placed on probation. Such students will receive notification of probation in writing, a copy of which will be place in your advising folder. During this one semester probationary period you must raise  your overall G.P.A. to a minimum 2.5 or you will be dismissed from the program. If, after the probationary period, your overall G.P.A. is still below the required minimum of 2.5, you may appeal in writing for one additional semester in order to raise your G.P.A. Faculty will consider these requests, using the following criteria:  
  • Likelihood of achieving a 2.5 in one semester.
  • Student’s demonstrated effort in current classes.
  • Student’s overall performance in the program. 
  1. Probation may be imposed for other infractions not deemed of the level for dismissal (see Student Code of Conduct).
  2. Students offered probation must sign a probation agreement which will go in their record.
  3. Probation is offered for one semester. If at the end of that period the issue is resolved, student will return to good standing. If the issue is not improved or resolved, student will face dismissal from the program. Student may request in writing an additional semester to resolve the issue. Faculty will determine if that request is granted, based on the criteria listed above.
  4. Students should understand that artistic merit is an important attribute of any professional. Therefore, a student’s artistic promise may be taken into consideration in any decision regarding probation and dismissal. 


  1. A history of academic probation (two semesters or more) is grounds for dismissal. Such students may request an opportunity to prove their academic commitment to the program.
  2. Infractions of the Student Code of Conduct, in addition to any penalties imposed by the University, could lead to dismissal from the Theatre program.
  3. Any other disciplinary actions during the academic year may be grounds for dismissal.

 Appeal Process 

  1. Students will be informed in writing of dismissal within one week of their interview. Reasons must be stated in this document. Faculty will then advise the student and help facilitate enrollment in another major.
  2. Students may submit a written statement to Program Director and Department Head stating reasons why they should remain in the program. Once an appeal has been submitted:
  • Faculty must meet to consider the appeal
  • If appeal is accepted, student may still be put on probation.
  • If the appeal is denied, student may appeal to the Department Head.
  • Department Head may ask the faculty to reconsider the appeal. Faculty shall then meet with Department Head to discuss the appeal. Faculty will then vote on appeal, and faculty’s decision shall be final and binding.

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