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ARCHIVED 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work (M.S.W.)

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Program Admission Requirements

In addition to the Graduate School Admission Requirements , all applicants are required to submit satisfactory GRE scores, three letters of recommendation (at least one academic), completed supplemental essays and have adequate undergraduate preparation (18 semester hours) with a range of studies in the liberal arts, humanities, physical sciences, diversity, and behavioral sciences. Some Human Services related experience, including volunteer work is also required. Students must be accepted into the MSW program to enroll in the required MSW courses.

Program Description

The Master of Social Work degree program prepares graduates for advanced generalist practice as social work practitioners, consultants, supervisors, administrators, and other leadership roles in their communities. The two-year program requires 54-60 hours of graduate coursework including 960 field practicum hours. The total number of required hours depends on whether the student qualifies to take and successfully pass waiver exams for SOCW 534 and 535.

In addition to the academic requirements, students are expected to adhere to the technical and professional standards of the program. For the most up to date information regarding these standards, program suspension, and termination refer to the program’s web site at the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Completion of the following coursework and successful performance in the field practicum are required for graduation. Students must complete the first (foundation) year before enrolling in second (concentration) year courses. Required courses include SOCW 504, SOCW 534, SOCW 535, SOCW 551, SOCW 553, SOCW 562, SOCW 564, SOCW 586, SOCW 627, SOCW 635, SOCW 664, SOCW 673, SOCW 686, and SOCW 687.

Year One (Foundation Year):

Year Two:

Social Work Advanced Standing Program

The advanced standing program allows a small number of exceptional students with earned bachelor’s degrees in social work from a CSWE accredited program to complete their MSW degree in one year instead of two by waiving the first year foundation requirements. Students applying for this option must demonstrate their readiness to function at the level of a second year MSW student. Acceptance into the Advanced Standing Program is not automatic, and admission to the program will be competitive. NOTE: Graduating with an undergraduate degree in social work within the five year limit does not prevent interested applicants from admission to the regular program of study.

The Advanced Standing Program is comprised of the concentration year courses (30 credit hours) plus three credits of a summer preparation course (SOCW 653 - Advanced Standing Bridge Course ). Upon successful completion of the summer term with an earned grade of “B” or above, students will join the ongoing MSW class and enroll in the second year of the regular MSW program. Part-time status in the advanced standing program is not an option.

Substance Abuse Studies Certificate Program

The Department of Social Work also offers a 12-credit-hour Substance Abuse Studies (Post Baccalaureate Certificate)  for students who are enrolled in the MSW program or who hold an MSW from WCU. The courses in the certificate program will also be open as elective courses to graduate students who are not in the certificate program providing there is room. Courses may be applied towards licensure or certification in substance abuse practice at a later date.

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