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ARCHIVED 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English (English Studies Pedagogy), B.A.

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Total number of hours for the program: 120.

This program does not lead to licensure. Only students who also complete the BSEd Secondary and Special Subject Teaching (grades 9-12) – English may be recommended for NC Teaching Licensure in English Language Arts.

Liberal Studies Hours: 42

Liberal Studies Program Requirements 

Language Requirement (6 hours)

MFL 231, 232, 240 Credits: (6)

The BA language requirement (6 hours at the intermediary/200- level) is waived for students who are double majoring in the concentration (BA English – ESP) and in the BSEd Secondary English Teaching (grades 9-12) degree. Students double majoring in this concentration (BA English – ESP) and in the BSEd Secondary English Teaching (grades 9-12) degree must satisfy the language requirement for that BSEd degree, which is 6 hours of any foreign language or languages at any level.

The Major Requires 34 hours:

Gateway Course (1 hour)

Capstone Course (3 hours)

One (3 hours) of the following:

English Studies Pedagogy Electives (12 hours)

12 hours from the following courses:

Additional Information:

A total of 120 hours is required to graduate with a BA in English, including a minor, second major (such as BSEd), or other approved program (38-44 hours depending on the number of hours taken in the major that also count for Liberal Studies). BA - English Studies Pedagogy students are encouraged to take ENGL classes as their general electives to meet the 120 hour requirement. The number of additional hours (beyond program and Liberal Studies requirements) needed to graduate will vary depending on the hours required by the minor, second major or approved program.

Note: BA English –English Studies Pedagogy students who do not double major in the BSEd Secondary English Teaching must satisfy the BA Language requirements (MFL 231 & 232 or MFL 240) and must have a minor, second major or approved program.

BA English (Literature, Professional Writing, English Studies Pedagogy, or Motion Picture Studies) students who elect to enroll in the Professional Writing, Film Studies, Literature, or Creative Writing minor may not use an ENGL course for both the major and the minor; double counting of a course between those majors and this minor is not allowed.

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